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Best Readily Available Refillable Beauty Products

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When people think about eco-friendly beauty products, they usually focus on what’s inside the packaging. If you’ve given it a bit more thought, you recognize packaging itself is part of the problem.


Follain’s refillable everything soap is… well, it’s soap. Most companies advertise a variety of soaps for use on various parts of your body. Hands? They have soap for that. Body? They’ll sell you something else.

But Follain created a soap that’s gentle enough for your entire body while still being effective.

Hair Care

OUAI’s shampoo and conditioner would be great even if you couldn’t refill them. While some refillable products (like the soap mentioned above) can be used for pretty much anything, sometimes you need a product that’s laser-focused on your specific needs.

With OUAI, you’re able to choose among products for the following hair types:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Thick

You can also choose their Detox shampoo and conditioner if you need some extra oomph to wash away the buildup from other products.

The company’s owner, Jen Atkins, created OUAI to make hair care easy. She points out that, for runway shows, stylists do the models’ hair in under twenty minutes. Atkins believes it shouldn’t take longer than that for you, either.


Paul & Joe has come up with a refillable lipstick that you’ll love. They’ve made colors to suit any skin tone and style. You can pop the refill into your favorite decorative lipstick case. (Each case is a work of art on its own.)

You might also want to order their refillable treatment lipstick, which hydrates the skin of your lips. It works well as a primer beneath other lip colors.


Kjaer Weiss’s refillable cream blush comes in eleven different shades. The creamy texture means it blends easily into your skin, which will give you a natural-looking glow. You can apply it with just your fingers.

This blush is also certified organic. Three of its main components are vanilla planifolia, rosehip seed oil, and gardenia florida extract. Together, those ingredients moisturize while providing your skin with protective antioxidants.

For Eyes

Surratt’s Auto-Graphique eyeliner might seem a bit spendy until you remind yourself that it’s refillable. This liquid liner’s brush is inspired by the brushes used in Japanese calligraphy, making it perfect for high-precision looks.


The people at MYRO describe their refillable deodorant as pro-planet. The pores that make your armpits sweat are also perfect avenues for chemicals to enter your body, so you’ll be relieved to know that this deodorant is plant-based.


We also love runners-up like Clove and Hallow pressed mineral foundation or Isle of Paradise self-tanning water. The products we’ve listed here are just the beginning, though. The world of refillable beauty products is growing bigger by the day. Go explore it!