How to dine out more sustainably

Most people enjoy the experience of being able to dine out, but it can be difficult to dine out in an eco-conscious and sustainable fashion. Many of your favorite restaurants may not offer the most sustainable way of dining out unfortunately, so it is important that we all look for eco-friendly restaurants in our area. Once you find restaurants you enjoy that are environmentally friendly, you should do your best to support them and help them in their mission. If you are looking to make this world a more sustainable place future generations, you may also want to share some of these ideas with your local restaurants to see if they will get onboard with achieving that goal. Here are some of the great ways to help dine out more sustainably when you are deciding where to spend your dollars.

1) Eat Seasonal Dishes

One of the best ways to eat sustainably is to simply eat the foods served at restaurants when they are in season. If you are looking to eat fresh fruits in your meals, you will likely get the best fruit in Summer, when it is likely fresh and grown locally. If you are trying the same dish in the Winter the fruit is probably frozen or shipped from a faraway country. All that travel and the pollution it creates is not what is best for your taste buds or the environment. Therefore, whenever possible you should try to eat the foods that are in season so you know they are fresh, more local, and more sustainable.

2) Eat Local

As referenced above, another great way to dine out more sustainably is to eat locally. Try to find restaurants that support local farmers. If you can find restaurants that purchase their food from local farmers the food will likely be fresher and taste much better. This also prevents the need for food to ship hundreds of miles and pollute the environment during transport.

3) Bring Your Own To-Go Bags

Most people are unable to finish an entire meal when they go out to a restaurant because portion sizes may be too large. If this is the case, you may want to bring your own reusable bags and containers with you to the restaurant. You can bag up your own food and eliminate the need for plastic and styrofoam containers at the restaurant. This helps reduce pollution and trash in the landfills.

4) Eliminate Straws

Straws are one of the most dangerous items to use because they end up all over the landfills and in the ocean. They create an immediate danger for the wildlife and can cause serious damage and even death. Straws are not a necessity in this world and should be eliminated whenever possible. Try using metal straws if you must use one. Try talking to your local restaurants and asking them to avoid using straws. This will help them cut down on their operating costs and better the environment at the same time.

If you enjoy the experience of dining out, you should highly consider these tips for dining out more sustainably. They can make a huge difference in the world and help others.

Best everyday carry items to avoid creating environmental waste

To help you keep the environment cleaner and avoid pollution, there are various items that you can carry with you for your usual daily activities. Some of these items include:

Reusable mesh bags

Mesh bags are convenient to carry while shopping at the mall or grocery. They are a great option against plastic bags that will pollute the environment when disposed. This is because plastic releases toxic substances to the environment and does not decompose. Mesh bags, on the other hand, will assure you of longer service because you can easily wash them after use and then reuse them on your next trip. Mesh bags are also made of biodegradable material, implying that they will not pollute the environment once you throw them away.

Stainless steel straws

When you are out and about, be sure to carry with you a steel straw for everyone traveling with you. Plastic straws are more popular as compared to steel straws, but they are among the many plastics that pollute the environment. A plastic straw is a onetime use item that you will inevitably have to throw away after use, thereby polluting the environment further. Steel straws, on the other hand, are reusable. Most steel straws come in a package alongside a flexible thin brush with short bristles that is used to clean the straw. As such, carry a steel straw with you to keep your environment clean.

Steel water bottles

Every time you are about to leave the house for long periods, ensure you carry with you a bottle of water in a steel bottle. Most of the water sold in stores is contained in plastic bottles that are almost always thrown away after use, thus leading to environmental pollution. You can minimize this pollution by buying a stainless steel water bottle that you can carry with you wherever you go. With their stylish designs, the bottles are ideal for work, school, gym, park, or any other place that you frequent. Steel water bottles have a higher reusable rate as compared to plastic bottles. What’s more, having your own water means not buying water in plastic bottles from stores.

Biodegradable food wraps

Food wraps are among the items that we use in our day-to-day lives. Whether you are going on a picnic, a long trip, work, school, or visiting a friend, you may need to use food wraps to carry food to or from your destination. Plastic food wraps contribute greatly to pollution because they are thrown away most of the time. Using biodegradable food wraps, therefore, will help keep the environment cleaner and avoid pollution. This is because once you throw them away, they will eventually decompose. If you or your children require to use one-time-use food wraps daily, use the biodegradable ones instead of plastic to avoid polluting the environment with plastic each day.

All of the items above provide a great way of conserving the environment. If you feel like you are using too much plastic, you can start making the change today.

Tips and tricks for shopping secondhand clothing

Each month the average person spends about 160 dollars on clothing related items. If you are looking to save money and better the environment, you may want to consider shopping for clothes at a secondhand store. Here are some of the top tricks and tips you can use to help you get the best clothes for the best price.

1) Try Clothes On

One of the best ways to ensure you get the clothing that you will love is to simply try them on before you purchase them. Remember used clothing is different than new clothes because they have been worn and washed before. This means that the sizes could be a little off and may not fit you like you would anticipate. Make sure that you try on the clothes before you leave the store so that you can save the money and only walk away with the items you truly love.

2) Don’t Feel Pressured To Buy

Remember, if you do not find something you like you do not need to buy something just to buy something. Some people feel the need to purchase something when they go shopping simply because they cannot walk away empty handed. Do not let this be you. Save your money until you find something you really want or need.

3) Know What You Have

Another thing that you need to be aware of before you go shopping is what you have in your closet. Know what you have, and more importantly, what what you actually wear. Try to find simple items from a secondhand store that you know you use with the items you already have in your closet. It is unlikely that you will be able to find an entire outfit you love at one secondhand store, so shop for separates.

4) Know Your Style

Another way to get the best deal at a secondhand shop is to know your style before you even start shopping. Know what you like and how it fits your body. Look for unique pieces that will fit you well and look great on you. If you find something you like, but are unsure if you will actually wear it, walk away. Go home and think about what you want and if you would really use it or if will just sit in the closet. It will likely be there the next day so you can go and buy it then.

5) Shop Around

There are several secondhand stores in all towns and cities. Shop around and make a whole day out of shopping. Enjoy the day and take your time going from store to store. If you don’t find something at one place, you may find it at another.

6) Bring Friends

To make shopping fun and to make sure you get what looks good on you, you should bring some honest and fun friends with you. They may know your style and clothing better than you. They can help you figure out what looks best on you and help you find unique and one of a kind pieces you will be proud of.