Ideas For Reusing And Repurposing Your Glass Jars


In order to help live more sustainably, we all need to start thinking about different ways that we can reuse and repurpose everyday items. Some of the most commonly thrown out items are glass jars and glass containers. These everyday jars hold many food and drink items, like sauces, pickles, cheeses, and more. To help protect our environment and reduce our waste, we can repurpose these jars in many unique ways. Here are some of the top do it yourself ideas for glass jars.

1) Planters

One of the best ways to reuse glass jars is by turning them into planters. You can grow small flowers and kitchen herbs in these jars and display them throughout your home. Some of the best flowers to grow are succulents because they require only minimal water and can grow in small places. Try decorating the outside of the jar with some paint for a one-of-a-kind planter or gift.

2) Arts And Crafts Storage

We are always looking for ways to store arts and crafts items. You can use these glass jars and their lids to hold a variety of items, including paint brushes, markers, paints, tacs and more. You can decorate the outside or leave them blank to see the inside of the containers.

3) Bath Storage

Another great way to repurpose these jars is to use them for bath storage items. For example, you can place all of your Q-tips into a container and display them on your counter or in a medicine cabinet.

4) Potpourri

Everyone wants a fresh and clean-smelling house. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using potpourri. Try adding these scents into a glass jar and displaying it in a bathroom or bedroom. The glass container will hold the smell and keep it looking nice in any area of your home.

5) Tools

If you are a handyman, you likely have hundreds, if not thousands, of loose nails, screws, bolts, and other miscellaneous items. Try using small jars with lids to hold all of your tools. If you have a workbench, you can screw the lids onto the bench and then hang the jars onto the bench. This will allow you to nicely display and organize all of your miscellaneous tool items.

Whether you are a handyman, have children, enjoy DIY crafts or simply want to help reduce waste, there are endless ways that you can reuse and repurpose glass jars of any size. Rather than tossing them into the trash or putting them out for recycling, try taking on one of these craft ideas. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out and wash each jar before reusing them. Remember that you can always involve your kids in the repurposing projects. They will love helping to paint the outside of the jars with you. It will be an ideal way to bond with each other and to talk about the importance of protecting the environment through recycling and repurposing.