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Best Readily Available Refillable Beauty Products

When people think about eco-friendly beauty products, they usually focus on what’s inside the packaging. If you’ve given it a bit more thought, you recognize packaging itself is part of the problem.


Follain’s refillable everything soap is… well, it’s soap. Most companies advertise a variety of soaps for use on various parts of your body. Hands? They have soap for that. Body? They’ll sell you something else.

But Follain created a soap that’s gentle enough for your entire body while still being effective.

Hair Care

OUAI’s shampoo and conditioner would be great even if you couldn’t refill them. While some refillable products (like the soap mentioned above) can be used for pretty much anything, sometimes you need a product that’s laser-focused on your specific needs.

With OUAI, you’re able to choose among products for the following hair types:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Thick

You can also choose their Detox shampoo and conditioner if you need some extra oomph to wash away the buildup from other products.

The company’s owner, Jen Atkins, created OUAI to make hair care easy. She points out that, for runway shows, stylists do the models’ hair in under twenty minutes. Atkins believes it shouldn’t take longer than that for you, either.


Paul & Joe has come up with a refillable lipstick that you’ll love. They’ve made colors to suit any skin tone and style. You can pop the refill into your favorite decorative lipstick case. (Each case is a work of art on its own.)

You might also want to order their refillable treatment lipstick, which hydrates the skin of your lips. It works well as a primer beneath other lip colors.


Kjaer Weiss’s refillable cream blush comes in eleven different shades. The creamy texture means it blends easily into your skin, which will give you a natural-looking glow. You can apply it with just your fingers.

This blush is also certified organic. Three of its main components are vanilla planifolia, rosehip seed oil, and gardenia florida extract. Together, those ingredients moisturize while providing your skin with protective antioxidants.

For Eyes

Surratt’s Auto-Graphique eyeliner might seem a bit spendy until you remind yourself that it’s refillable. This liquid liner’s brush is inspired by the brushes used in Japanese calligraphy, making it perfect for high-precision looks.


The people at MYRO describe their refillable deodorant as pro-planet. The pores that make your armpits sweat are also perfect avenues for chemicals to enter your body, so you’ll be relieved to know that this deodorant is plant-based.


We also love runners-up like Clove and Hallow pressed mineral foundation or Isle of Paradise self-tanning water. The products we’ve listed here are just the beginning, though. The world of refillable beauty products is growing bigger by the day. Go explore it!

Best eco-friendly hygiene products

4 Best eco-friendly hygiene products

Our responsibility to our health and the environment has never been more important than now. Imagine how much waste is left behind after every purchase of whatever item. Is there a smarter and more eco-friendly way to shop? Yes. There is, and I’m about to show you how. Here are four of some of the best eco-friendly hygiene products you can use right away!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

The best feature of a bamboo toothbrush is that it gets rid of unwanted plastic waste while giving you the quality cleaning of its plastic counterpart. These brushes also have bacteria-resistant properties because of the natural chemicals in the wood that kill bacteria and prevent them from spreading in the first place. That’s one of the reasons why kitchen utensils such as cutting boards and knives are often made with wood and bamboo.

However, on the flip side, you have to be wary when purchasing these products—especially if you have eco-friendly intentions for choosing to buy them. Some companies are scrupulous enough to advertise their toothbrushes as having nylon bristles, which have been observed to be biodegradable. However, not all nylon bristles are. They might also still wrap their wooden brushes in plastic. If you’re looking into supporting eco-friendly companies, do your research so you can be sure that you’re supporting the right business. Try these bamboo brushes from Hello Boo.

Plastic-free Soaps

380 million tons of plastic waste are produced each year, and half of it is from single-use purposes such as plastic wraps for soaps. One way you can reduce your plastic footprint is by supporting businesses producing plastic-free items. For example, some really great selections are produced by a company called byhumankind.

Their soaps come in variety of choices: Kavebderm Tea tree and Grapefruit. Their formulas are ethically-made, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Byhumankind is one of the eco-friendliest companies you can find. Its goal is to offer great personal care products that don’t come at Earth’s expense. It’s also a company that invests in restoring forests as part of its programs to reduce its carbon footprint.

Shampoo Bars

Most of the carbon footprint of shampoo comes from heating water while using it. The rest is because of its packaging. One way you can get rid of some of its carbon footprint is by supporting the business that has gone plastic-free. You don’t even have to sacrifice your hair’s quality as there are more and more selections to choose from.

For example, you can buy plastic-free shampoo bars from Ethique. They have selections for Dandruff and itchy scalps that are plastic-free and sustainable, pH balanced, vegan, zero-waste, 100% compostable, vegan and plant-based. Ethique is on a mission to eliminate plastic-waste while offering their customers ethically sourced and 100% sustainable products from effective and natural ingredients.

Zero-waste toothpaste

The growing number of eco-friendly companies producing hygienic products is a pleasant trend. The carbon footprint of toothpaste is twofold: production of single-use plastic for its containers and pollutant ingredients. Not only that, you eventually release these pollutants down the drain every time your brush. So what your dentist says is effective in cleaning your teeth may not necessarily be effective in cleaning the environment. But it’s not easy to find eco-friendly substitutes for the general commercial tooths. Taste, effectivity, and health concerns are only some of the factors that you need to consider.

One of the zero-waste toothpaste products you can try is made by Etee. It’s a company that says goodbye to plastic by simple, daily actions that make meaningful and lasting change. Going 100-plastic free is overwhelming. Try a day without it, and impossibilities will flood you. That’s why Etee’s mission is to get rid of plastic in increments—and it starts by changing our most basic habits and routine like brushing our teeth. This is a small action that can snowball into huge efforts to save planet Earth. Not only that, but you save your teeth, too.

Best affordable reusable alternatives for plastic items

To live sustainably and conserve our environment, we must avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. This is because when plastic items are disposed, they release toxic wastes into the land and atmosphere as well as take forever to decompose.

Replacing plastic products with recyclable products or eco-friendly items, therefore, will go a long way in conserving our environment and saving the eco system. Here are some great cheap alternatives that you can use instead of plastic.

Cheap reusable alternatives for plastic

Mesh produce bags that are washable

Washable mesh bags are a great alternative to plastic bags when it comes to grocery shopping. Mesh bags are incredibly cheap, especially when bought in sets of multiple bags. The best part is that mesh bags are durable and you can rewash them when they get dirty instead of throwing them away. The bags are also foldable and compact, meaning that they will occupy minimum space in your kitchen when it comes to storing. They also come in different colors and designs; a variety of options for different shopping occasions.

Reusable wraps for food

Plastic food wraps may be the most common type available, but you can opt for better reusable wrap foods as an alternative. Food wraps are important and necessary items to have in your home, helping to cover bowls of food, pack snacks, or use as place mats.

Nowadays, you will find reusable non-plastic food wraps made of cotton, tree resin, jojoba oil (organic), and even beeswax (harvested). The wraps are more durable compared to plastic wraps because they are easy to wash, implying that you can use them over and over again. The eco-friendly ingredients used to make the wraps also make them compostable, thereby ensuring that they would not pollute the environment once they have outlived their usefulness.

Steel containers for grains

Most people have different plastic containers in their home where they store things like beans, rice, pasta, and other types of grains. If you have such plastic containers in your home, you can easily replace them with better reusable options, such as high quality steel containers.

Steel lasts much longer than plastic does, which means that steel containers will help you continue to store your food over long periods of time before needing replacement. You should look for steel containers that have narrow glass windows built into one of the sides to help you keep track of the level of food in the container without having to climb up the kitchen shelf, opening the lid, and checking the food.

Stainless steel bottles

Instead of using plastic bottles for drinking water, juice, or other beverages, you can switch to using stainless steel bottles. Although some plastic bottles may be fancy, they also tend to be incredibly expensive for what they are and can be a plague to the eco system. Some higher end stainless steel bottles have the benefit of a double wall insulated vacuum chamber to ensure that your drink remains in its original temperature as long as possible, whether hot or cold. With regular cleaning, you can also reuse these eco-friendly bottles essentially for as long as you need.

Wooden disposable cutlery

A better alternative to using those plastic disposable cutleries is using wooden forks and spoons. The wooden cutlery are compostable, which makes them infinitely more friendly to the environment. Wooden cutlery also has the added benefit of generally being cheaper and with appropriate cleaning, you can reuse them as much as you want. The FDA approves wooden cutlery above plastic types because they are biodegradable.

Bamboo tableware

Bamboo is an easy, fast growing alternative that will hopefully soon replace plastic and other non-environmentally friendly options. To get started, you can choose bamboo tableware instead of plastic ones the next time you are shopping. Items made from bamboo are reusable and renewable in addition to being almost as light as plastic. Bamboo is always biodegradable so your home will not only be filled with reusable items, but also safe non-toxic ones.

Paper cups

If you work in an office that uses disposable plastic cups for water or coffee, you can replace them with paper cups. Paper cups are cheaper as compared to plastic and will minimize some of the office expenses. Another reason why you should opt for paper cups is that they are also safer to use. Unlike plastic cups, they will often not burn your hands if the liquid in them is too hot (though this obviously depends). Paper cups are also reusable materials because they can always be recycled instead of throwing them away.

Steel drinking straws

Drinking straws are among the most common type of plastics that pollute the environment in modern times. If you own a restaurant, you can provide drinking straws made from stainless steel to your customers to do your part. The straws are not only reusable but also end up being cheaper in the long run. They are also classier as compared to plastic straws and can add a certain level of sophistication and awareness.