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Best eco-friendly pet products

Many eco-friendly products for pets are currently available in the market place that you can confidently use to care for your pet, while also doing your part to make the world a better and healthier place. Most eco-friendly pet products are made from recycled materials by brands that are conscious about the state of the environment.

Here are some great pet products that are not only great at what they do, but have an environmentally friendly outlook as well.

Keeping a healthy pet depends largely on the quality of food, bedding, gear, and treats that are available to it. Fortunately the majority of environmentally friendly pet products you will come across are also better quality and better for your pet as well!

Here are some eco-friendly products to consider for your pet that will also help keep the environment safe:

Cat scratching post from Delxo

It is important to provide your cat with enough toys to play with and scratch to keep them healthy and entertained. To ignore this will basically guarantee at least some of your furniture and other items will get damaged or destroyed. Cats usually have a lot of pent up energy and one way of releasing the energy is through scratching and active play. This scratching post from Delxo will help save your furniture from the claws of your feline friend, as well as help them exercise their claws in a healthy way. It also comes with a fish toy attached to a string that your cat will also enjoy playing with.

Rope play set for your dog from EarthyPaw

Do you have a puppy that enjoys a good game of tug of war? If you do, then this 12-piece rope set will be bring a smile to both your faces. The play set has 12 different toys that are made from materials that are non-toxic and sustainably sourced, thus making both friendly to the environment and fun.

Ball toys for cats and kittens from Wool Felt

Cats absolutely love toys that they can chase and pounce on. Kittens notoriously love these types of games and if you own a cat, you have probably discovered their love for strings and woolen fabrics.

These ball toys are made from materials that are non-toxic and renewable. This is an eco-friendly toy you can be sure that your cats will be having a great time playing with every day.

Dog Harness with maximum comfort and control from EcoBark Max

This dog harness is designed to help you control your dog without harming it. It has a no-pull design to protect the torso of your dog, and a no-choke design to prevent the dog from choking through constriction of the trachea.

The harness is made from materials that are friendly to the environment in general with straps made of recycled materials. The product is available in different patterns and colors, allowing you to pick the ones you like depending on your preference.

Bamboo toys for dogs

Some pet products contain substances like lead and other toxic substances that may cause underlying health conditions in your pet. Unfortunately these problem develop over time and often the damage has been done when you start to notice symptoms. It is important to start off your pets with non-toxic toys and surroundings at as early an age as possible.

The toys made from bamboo are among the best eco-friendly toys you can get for your dog. Bamboo is a highly renewable substance that is ideal for many uses. Using these types of toys and products can keep your pets entertained and still safe. Non-toxic and renewable toys that are friendly both to the environment and to pet health are widely available and a great way to keep your pets and your planet safe.

Best uses for castille soap

If you have been looking for natural soaps to try on your skin, you might want to try out castille soap. Natural skin products are gaining more favor with people because they are safe to use and tend to nourish your skin much more than chemical based ones. Some chemical based skin products and soaps may react with your skin and eyes, especially if you have a sensitive skin, causing irritation, allergic reactions, and break outs of acne.

What is so great about castille soap?

Castille soap is primarily made of olive oil and a variety of other natural oils such as almond, walnut, hemp, and coconut oil. All these oils are known to nourish, smooth, and moisturize your skin. Castille soap also contains lye, which creates the individual molecules of the soap when it mixes with the oil. When you add the castille soap to water, the soap reacts by forming charged atoms that help to capture the dirt and grime on your skin, and get rid of them, leaving you with clean, healthy skin.

Why would you consider castille soap over other soaps?

Most normal soaps contain tallow, an ingredient that is a type of animal fat. Castille soap on the other hand uses all natural vegetable and nut based oils, making it a vegan option that is cruelty free. There is much awareness in the world now about how thousands of animals suffer at the expense of fashion and skin products. As a result, cruelty free products are more available than ever before.

Pure castille soap does not contain any toxic chemicals that may damage your skin, thus making it a great biodegradable, natural, non-toxic option for you and your loved ones.

What are some of the best uses of castille soap?

Castillie soap has an incredibly wide range of uses. Some of the common ones include:

Face wash

Castille soap contains natural oils that make it mild and safe to use on your face. It is also strong enough to eradicate any harmful bacteria and help prevent any breakouts of acne.

Use it by rubbing a few drops of the soap on your face or washcloth then rinsing it off with water.

Shaving cream

If you run out of shaving cream, you can use castille soap as the cream instead.

Just lather up the soap in your hands then apply the lather on the part of skin you want to shave.

Decongestion of the sinus

You can use steam from castille soap to clear up your clogged sinuses.

Add a tablespoon of the soap into hot boiled water in a bowl. Place you head over the bowl and breathe in the steam for a natural and relaxing way to clear your sinuses.

Tooth paste

With this soap, you do not need to skip brushing your teeth regardless of how chaotic your morning is. When you are running late and you cannot find your toothpaste, you can just use the soap.

Place a drop of the soap on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. I just hope that you can handle the taste!

Makeup remover

You can use the soap to remove your facial makeup before you go to bed.

All you need to do is mix the soap with carrier oil and witch hazel. Using a cotton ball, gently rub the mixture on your face to remove the makeup.