Eco by Naty Flushable Baby Wipes – Compostable and Plant-Based Wipes, Chemical-Free and Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes Safe for Baby Sensitive Skin, 56 Wipes Per Pack (3 Pk)


  • EASY TO USE AND TOSS: Our wipes are made from ultrathin, plant-based fibers and compostable materials allowing them to dissolve in water. You can easily wipe, toss, and flush our wipes without harming the environment.
  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Eco by Naty produces organic baby wipes that are free of synthetics and plastics, contain no GMOs, and are chemical-free. The plant-based fibers are soft to the touch and hypoallergenic, better for newborn sensitive skin.
  • NATURAL, PLANT BASED WIPES: Our baby diaper wipes are independently certified by Ecocert Cosmos for natural and organic cosmetics. With a pure water content and natural plant fibers, they’re certified for bio degradation in freshwater and in composting.
  • RENEWABLE PACKAGING: Each baby wipes pack is packaged with sustainable, renewable materials making the entire purchase compostable, safe, and eco-friendly.
  • GOOD FOR BABY, GOOD FOR NATURE: Eco by Naty was first started in Sweden nearly 27 years ago. Today, we continue with our goal to create products that are not only safe for our bodies, but that are also good for the environment. Our High-Tech Eco Products are backed by independent sustainability certifications, we offer the greenest products, all made from nature!

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56 Count (Pack of 3)