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Tips For Creating A Low/No Waste Kitchen

Typically, the largest trash can you find in your home is in the kitchen. The reason for this is because most trash is often produced from the kitchen. From food scraps to containers to spoiled food and more, there is an abundance of waste produced in this room. To help reduce the waste, there are many ways that you can work to create a low waste or no waste kitchen.

1) Avoid Plastic Bags

One of the most often purchased products in a grocery store is the plastic bag. These items make life more convenient because they are a quick solution for taking food on the go. They allow you to fill them up with your favorite food and then throw away the bag. This prevents the need for washing any containers.

While plastic bags are convenient, they are terrible for the environment and make up the majority of our kitchen waste. Try eliminating these bags from your shopping list and purchase reusable containers instead. They make take extra time to wash, but they are worth the little extra effort.

2) Shop In Bulk

Another great way to reduce waste in your kitchen is to shop in bulk. Shopping in bulk allows you to bring your own containers with you and fill them with the food ingredients you are looking to buy. You can find everything from pasta to spices to flour to coffee and more. If you choose to shop in bulk make sure you bring your own containers so that you can avoid using the plastic bags that are offered at most stores.

3) Use No Waste Containers

We all have leftovers at some point during the week. Since it is very hard to cook the exact right portions of food, we often cook too much. Rather than throwing away your leftovers, it is important to save them and eat them later. Leftovers make a great lunch the next day or even another dinner. If you do have leftovers it is important to save your food in no waste containers.

This means that you should avoid using one time containers, like plastic bags. These items will get thrown in the trash and not allow you to have a no-waste kitchen. Try using tupperware or other containers that can be washed and reused over and over again.

4) Compost

Another ideal way to help reduce the waste that you have in your kitchen is to compost. You can easily dispose of your food waste, like banana peels, by composting them. Simply fill a trash can or other container with all of your leftover food waste. You can even add in some materials, like coffee filters. Plant this in your garden and let the nutrients naturally release into the soil. This will help you achieve more nutrient-rich soil that you can use to grow your own foods.

If you are looking to do what is best for the environment and want to help reduce the amount of food in the landfills, try using these tips for a low or no-waste kitchen.

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