Environment News

The IRA boosted green development, but some say it could be doing more

Tax credits have helped make going green more economical, but political pressure and unclear guidelines are hampering the Inflation Reduction Act’s success.

Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan discuss cooperation in environment, water and agriculture

  • Both parties discussed ways of strengthening joint cooperation
  • Al-Fadhli is currently visiting Kazakhstan with a delegation from the Saudi environment, water and agriculture sector

UK environment minister quits with swipe at ‘uninterested’ PM Sunak

  • Zac Goldsmith: Britain had lost its claim to a global leadership role on climate
  • Goldsmith is seen as an ally of former prime minister Boris Johnson

Thousands rally outside British Parliament in biodiversity protest

Environmental group promises less disruption and more inclusion than blockades that became its trademark

Climate change, water scarcity threaten Mideast: Experts

  • Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan already facing rising temperatures, air pollution, food and water shortages
  • Dire conditions likely to instigate further regional strife, say experts at Middle East Institute

Riyadh to host UN’s Global Geospatial Ecosystem Center of Excellence

NEOM sets an ambitious target to preserve the natural environment

China’s summer of climate destruction

China’s summer this year has seen both extreme heat and devastating floods.

Western states won’t lose as much Colorado River water in 2024, but long-term challenges remain

Conservation measures and a wetter winter have improved the river’s health, leading to cuts’ being dialed back.

What does a melting glacier sound like? ‘Gunshots.’

Glaciers are full of billions of loud bubbles—here’s what they tell us about our planet.

Smashed’: Summer of 2023 the hottest ever recorded

The climate crisis and emerging El Niño event pushed up temperatures and drove extreme weather across the world

This summer’s extreme weather is a sign of things to come

Earth just experienced its hottest summer on record. Scientists say it wasn’t an anomaly—just the beginning of the disasters we’ll see as climate change worsens.

Why protecting mangroves is key to mitigating climate change

Cutting them down releases four times as much carbon as the same amount of upland trees. Brazilian scientist and Nat Geo Explorer Angelo Bernardino is working to save them.

Microplastics are hidden in your home. Here’s how to avoid them.

The air, water, and food in your home is full of tiny, microscopic plastic particles. Here’s where you can find the most common sources—and eliminate them.

One of the most resilient trees on Earth is dying in droves

North America’s ancient bald cypress forests have told scientists about history’s legendary droughts and wet periods. Now they’re warning us about the future.