How To Get Rid Of Pests Naturally Without Chemicals

Have you been wondering how you will get rid of pests in your home or garden without using pesticides? If you have, you aren’t the only one bothered by the use of pesticides. This is because although pesticides may be effective in getting rid of pests, they also leave a lot of toxic substances behind that get absorbed into the plants. This means that eating produce from such plants results in one ingesting the toxins.

Since ingesting the chemicals present in pesticides over a long time could have adverse effects, it is imperative to find out how you can get rid of pests without using harmful chemicals.

Here are several natural methods that you can apply to eradicate pests from your home and garden.

How To Get Rid Of Pests Naturally

Using Barriers And Repellents

Repellents and barriers are a great natural way of keeping pests from your garden. The barriers will act like a wall and keep out all the crawling insects from gaining access to your home and garden. One great idea for implementing barriers is by planting carrots while wrapped in toilet paper rolls. Pests like cutworms will be unable to attack the carrots while the toilet paper rolls do not have any toxic effect on the carrot.

You can also use other plants as barriers to protect your plants. For instance, you can plant your vegetables alongside plants like peppermint, pennyroyal, and spearmint because they repel pests like aphids and ants.

Cedar twigs will also come in handy because all you need to do is simmer them in water and then pour the water over your vegetable garden to prevent corn earworms, cutworms, and other pests from attacking your crops.

Other barriers that may come in handy include a line of lime, which snails cannot stand leave alone cross, cayenne pepper to keep out those pesky ants, and iron phosphate, which will keep slugs a good distance away from your garden.

Using Other Insects

There are several beneficial insects that are useful in getting rid of the harmful pests that you do not want near your home or garden. Good insects like the praying mantis, green lacewings, and lady beetles will treat the harmful garden pests as prey and eradicate them from your environment.

How will you get insects like the praying mantis into your garden? Easy. All you need to do is lure these good insects into your garden using the food they like to eat, water, and shelter. If luring the insects into your garden proves to be challenging, you can always purchase them and release them into your garden. Before releasing the insects into your farm, however, make sure that your garden provides a habitat in which they can survive.

Beneficial insects are the best option for your garden in the long run because they will not release any harmful chemicals into the plants. Once you have enough information about the type of pest creating a nuisance in your garden or home, you can research which beneficial insect will solve the problem.


Biological Pest Control

Do you know that there is a way you can infect the pests in your garden or home without affecting the health and development of your plants, pets, children, or other beneficial insects? Biological pest control involves introducing diseases to insects using various strains of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi.

The biological pest controls are also non-toxic and organic. This means that they will break down easily in the soil and will not cause any pollution.

Chemical pesticides are known to be rendered powerless after using them too frequently because the targeted pests often build resistance against the chemicals. With the biological control measures, however, the pests will not be able to build up any resistance. This means that the method is a more effective, safer way of getting rid of pests.